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What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?

What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?

What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?

Google has rolled out a new mobile first index.  This means that Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content.

The majority of users on Google are mobile searchers.  Therefore, it makes sense that Google wants to represent the majority of users.

Obviously it is preferable for you/your business having a mobile friendly website.  However, Google has said not too worry.  It will continue to index your desktop site just fine.

For those of you that have a mobile friendly website you need to make sure that your mobile content is the same as your desktop version.

If your mobile site has less content, you could be in a potentially tricky situation as Google will always look at the mobile version of your site first.

This is why your website should be responsive and why it should be on wordpress.  Wordpress is fully responsive and doesn’t require a desktop version of your website AND a mobile website.

Content on Google that is deemed non mobile friendly will not rank well FACT.

Give Plum a call today on 01279 721030 to discuss your website and how improvements could be made to ensure you are ranking well.

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