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16th May 2017
The Impact of Social Media on Recruiting
The Impact of Social Media on Recruiting
17th May 2017
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Why WordPress Works for Businesses

Why WordPress Works for Businesses


Did you know that over 75 million businesses spread throughout the world choose WordPress for their business website?


Well WordPress is super versatile and powerful enough to run any website for business, whether it is a shop, events company, brochure site.  Wordpress is also a useful option for start-up businesses that wish to change and adapt their product/service offering often.  Wordpress makes a great staging area for any business.


  • Everyone has heard about keywords, search engine optimisation.  Thanks to Google and other search engines it is a vastly changing game and in general you need a lot of patience.   WordPress however makes SEO almost automatic.  When you post a blog for example, with a little training you can fill out recommended SEO keywords to maximise your results without risking black listing from Google.
  • There is so much support from WordPress.  There are tons of developers who contribute to forums and development so there is always help out there.
  • The best Why WordPress Works for Businesses don’t even look like they use WordPress due to the ability of the designer to utilise themes, plugins and other features to create a dynamic and visually pleasing website.
  • And of course, Content.  Content is King!  This is why WordPress Works for Businesses the best.  It is quick and easy to add blogs, pages and content without having to understanding coding or indeed HTML and other tools.
  • There is so much media support for WordPress, you can embed YouTube videos, pictures, Google Maps, Calenders, integrate your social media… there is so much available to play with.

So contact us today to embrace WordPress for your business.  A fully responsive site could cost you as little as £899 and you will be attracting new visitors to your business almost immediately.


Why WordPress Works for Businesses

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